Those of you that have read some of my previous blog articles may remember the one that ended as follows:

‘Most of our businesses are likely suffer from the current Corona crisis. Resilience means that you can be strong and have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Nothing is stopping you from writing a new chapter! “Never waste a good crisis”, boost your creativity, write down all your ideas, create plans and follow your dreams…. And most important: ‘Keep looking up… That’s the secret of life’!’

I’d now like to take that thought a step further, and make it more specific about our recruitment sector…

Governments in different countries are starting to realise that they cannot hold the economy hostage forever, and we are beginning to see a slowdown of measures. People are returning (at least partially) to their workplace, stores are opening up, soon we’ll be able to visit restaurants (at safe distance from one another) …. And whilst we are heading towards the ‘new normal’, economic activity will start to increase again. True, the take-up will be quicker for some sectors (such as hairdressers) than for others, but still, people are beginning to realise that staying in their personal bubble is not sustainable on the long term.

In our sector, Recruitment, we notice that many companies are afraid to hire new staff. Not only the ones that are facing difficulties but also those that are continuing to perform as usual. Many organisations are now postponing hiring key personnel. Whilst only three months ago everyone was fighting their war for talent, today most companies are afraid to ‘take the risk’ and recruit. Fortunately, some of our clients did have the ‘balls’ to go ahead and move forward. With their intention to boost their revenues and strengthen their leadership they are continuing to recruit sales & marketing talent, and general managers. It’s their fortune that others are reluctant to recruit because there currently is less competition to find and hire top talent. Their boldness is creating an “unfair” competitive advantage and their willingness to invest in the future will be rewarded when the economy will seriously take up. Their courage in this situation will enable them to have the best sales and marketing teams, which in turn will help them attract new clients faster and as such grow their sales. Furthermore, their decision to attract leadership talent will help their organisations navigate through the waves that are still to come and will help them discover new paths towards results.

Did you have plans to recruit key personnel prior to Covid-19? And do you think that you may still need them once we’ll be getting back on track? Then now is the best time to recruit. Don’t wait until the ‘best ones’ are off the market again. And don’t make the mistake to wait until you actually need them, because by then you’ll be too late in the game and will have lost valuable time (and time is money).

If you’d like some free advice regarding your recruitment strategy, then do contact us! We are always happy to serve as your soundboard 😉

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