Your resume is the first thing recruiters and potential employers look at, and only 2% of resumes make it past the first round. That’s why you want to stand out and make a difference!

Imagine you just found a post with THE job of your dreams and you only have one chance to make that great first impression. You have to make sure that your CV does a great job representing you are, in order to give yourself the best possible chance of being in that 2%.

These tips will help you make the perfect resume!

Helicopter view – keep it short & sweet

One glance at your resume should tell us, recruiters, who you are and what you can do. Give us a helicopter view, your personal written elevator pitch. It will enhance your professional image. It makes our job more efficient, and we’ll love you for it 😊!

Career goals

Be clear on what it is that you want to do next! Make these goals easy to find on your resume! Why? Recruiters receive loads of resumes and screening them takes much time. When you are clear about what you want it’s easier for recruiters to make the right match and give you what you want!


What interests us most about your career path is what you’ve actually achieved! A resume is only the first screening, we do not immediately need to know the details and every job description you’ve ever had. We want to believe in you, by showing us your pattern of success you definitively contribute to this.

The Annex trick

After finishing your (1-2 page) CV, you may still want to share more info. When a recruiter likes your CV and sees a match with a role, then they’ll certainly contact you to learn more. Still, you may feel that what you sent is not enough and that you want to share more about a certain work experience. If that’s the case, then put more details in an annex. Make sure that there’s a clear connection between the info of your helicopter pitch and the data in the detailed version.

Use a CV Builder

CV builders are designed to make your life easier. They make sure that you tick all the right boxes, give you fancy templates to choose from and maybe even enable you to make a really nice personal design.

Name your file

Most candidates create their CV and call the file ‘CV’. Some may add their name or a date, it’s rare that people add both. For recruiter it’s easiest if your CV has a file name that includes the word CV, your first- and last name, and the date. Concrete example: CV Benny Jansen March 2021. Sounds obvious but it’s not, so just remember to do it!

Send out your resume as a pdf

Sending resumes by postal service is a thing of the past, you all send your resumes digitally to recruiters and potential employers. You have to take into account that the recipient may not have the same programs as you. Saving your CV as a PDF file or as a link ensures that anyone can open it, on any device, while maintaining the exact layout you’ve designed.

It’s about you

Each person is unique, and so are you. Make sure that your resume reflects your personality. Are you efficient and result-driven? Choose a design and colors that reflect your no-nonsense attitude. Are you a people person and federator? Use the warmer colors and forms. Are you creative? Then you’ll know how to stand out. No creative genius? No problem, make sure to mention the soft skills that make you different and unique!

So last but certainly not least, give your resume a personal touch 😉 !

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