Here’s an interesting subject I’ve been wanting to write about for a couple of months. For some reason I did not come round to doing so, but now that measures are easing and we are moving to a next phase I feel ready to put my thoughts on paper.

When looking back on Covid-19 in 10 years from now I think that we’ll remember the time when we:

  • could not be close to one another and had to meet by video. Like a 20th century SciFi that became reality;
  • missed working together in person and being able to interact as a team. It increased our awareness that we are social animals, and that we have a need to connect to other human beings;
  • realised that being on our own once in a while can actually be refreshing and inspiring, and it also brings out-of-the-blue ideas. As long as there’s also that social aspect in which you can spar with others and bounce these ideas to stimulate overall creativity;
  • got out of the rat-race for a couple of months, as there were little activities/distractions outside the work place. This gave most of us a ‘time-out’ to think about our lives, what really matters for us and what it is we truly want;
  • confused physical distancing with social distancing. Whilst we kept away from face-to-face contact, we did try to stay close to our family, our old and new friends, our business relations, …. We’d even be more social and care to hear how others were doing. Taking a step back made us more aware of the importance of listening and checking in;
  • feared for our health, and even more so for that of our (more senior) loved ones. Hence our approach to be careful and stay away for their sake, even when we truly missed them;
  • realised the importance of true leadership on a national and global level;
  • became aware of the importance of correct information in a crisis situation, and of the danger/impact of fake news;
  • learned the ability to adapt quickly. Hence the introduction of AQ (= adaptability quotient) which in 2030 took over IQ and even EQ as most important recruitment and selection criteria;
  • were uncertain of what was about to happen to our jobs, our businesses…. We got to know who were the optimists, the daring ones, the (calculated) risk takers. Some people even surprised themselves;
  • last but certainly not least, applied forward-thinking and made bold decisions that changed our businesses and lives forever.

These are only a few thoughts, if you’d like to share your ideas and expand the list above, then react on LinkedIn or contact us to start the conversation! We are always happy bounce off ideas with you 😉

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