Chess! Let us elaborate. The current situation we are in makes us reflect. We live in uncertain times, and our only certainty is unpredictability. This makes companies have to think very carefully about the deployment of its people. However, this is not to say that all businesses are now sitting around being bored. On the contrary, many do not know where to start first! And yet, it is extremely difficult to look far ahead and develop a well-thought-out strategy in human resources management. “Yes we have a lot of work, but are we going to look for permanent reinforcement, or are we better opting for temporary reinforcement?” Not an easy decision.
Flexible deployment of resources is therefore perhaps more important than ever. One has, of course, been relying on external partners for project-based deployment of professionals for much longer than today. Consider an objective review of the current marketing approach, a transition in HR policy or, for example, a new angle for a different approach in the sales department.
With the virus now an unknown factor, people are thinking even more about workload fluctuations. Companies suddenly see a mountain closer to where they need to cross, but keep in mind that this spike is temporary. Apart from the refreshing input of looking at things from a different perspective in addition to the known corporate vision, bringing in an interim manager can simply provide a certain flexibility.
What is your next move in this particular “game of chess”? Tell us, we’d love to think with you!

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