Why chess?! Let us explain this further.  

Given the current situation, we must reflect thoroughly. We live in uncertain times, and our only certainty is the unpredictability. This means that companies have to think very carefully about the deployment of their people. However, this does not necessarily mean that companies don’t know what to do and are getting bored. On the contrary, many have so much work that they have no clue where to start! In that context it’s extremely difficult to adopt a long term vision in terms of personnel strategy. “Should we look for permanent reinforcement, or should we opt for a temporary solution?” It’s not an easy decision. 

Flexible use of resources is therefore more important than ever. Let’s be clear, it’s certainly not the first time that companies are working with external partners for project-based deployment of professionals. It’s a great solution when wanting to have an objective review of the current marketing approach, a transition in HR policy or, for example, find a different approach to do sales. 

With this virus as an unknown factor, companies are thinking even more about the fluctuations in workload. They suddenly see work piling up but keep in mind that this peak has a temporary character. Besides from obtaining a refreshing input and being able to look at a problem from a different angle, engaging an interim manager can simply offer the necessary flexibility. 

What is your next move in this peculiar “chess game”? Let us know, we are happy to ‘spar’ with you! 

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