This is one definition of Communication that I found online: 

‘the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium’

To me this is partly true as I believe communication goes much further. It’s the process of giving, receiving and processing information between individuals, or from one individual to a group. It’s the interaction of ‘talking’ and ‘listening’, not only to what is being said but also how it’s being said. This will determine whether the message that Person A tries to convey is perceived as such by Person B (and visa versa).

Communication is very important in any business context, and this is especially true in recruitment. This is not only when a recruiter and candidate are communicating during a phone call, Skype meeting and/or interview, but it is a crucial aspect during the recruitment process.

At M18 Executive Search we consider communication key in all steps that we take, from establishment of first contact with a prospect to the post-placement follow-up or post-rejection review.

We believe that the following communication steps are key:

ActionCommunication type
Receive a clear briefing from the hiring companyListen, ask questions
Translate into a written document (job description), a synthesis of what our client is looking for Write, ask for confirmation or adaptations 
Contact candidates, introduce ourselves and check their status and aspirations Talk, ask questions and listen  
Follow-up interested candidates Ask feedback, listen and talk 
Check CVs with our client Talk, ask feedback 
Provide clients with regular updates Write and talk/explain 
Interview the candidates Ask questions, listen, write, synthesize 
Share interview experience and our vision on the candidate with client Write and talk, ask for feedback, listen/read 
Call candidate and client after each interview and/or test Talk briefly, then listen  

I can go on for hours trying to complete this list. Recruitment is a process of continuous clear communication. Check whether your counterpart has understood you correctly, ask the right questions and make sure that you understand their answers. And last but not least:

Make sure to have a two-way ongoing communicate to keep the momentum!

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