Last Friday it was official: M18 turned 20!

So it has been 20 years since we started doing something that we now call The VIP Project. You probably wonder what it is, it sounds quite posh. It’s actually rather the opposite! Anyone that is at a crossroad in their career can benefit.

So what is it? First some history on how it evolved.

Soon after I founded M18 we started working closely with our first client. The collaboration was so good that we became one of their preferred suppliers for recruitment. We were even asked to screen internal candidates for specific roles. At some stage one of our main contacts, this super HR Business Partner, asked me something else. She had a few team members whose role had changed, and that weren’t able to stay. They did not necessarily know where to turn to look for a new job. She proposed that we meet these candidates in order to help them.

FYI, as recruiters, we usually meet candidates when we have a concrete function for them, now or in the near future. Although we did not already have something for those that were exiting our client, we did sit down with them. We listened to their plans and ambitions, and were able to help by explaining how they could search for a job, which types of recruiters to approach, how to improve their CV…. In short, they got the VIP treatment.

That was only the start of The VIP Project at M18, but what is it today?

The Project expanded and now includes people from our network, as well as candidates that are not yet in our network and just knock on our ‘virtual’ door for some friendly assistance. It never stops to amaze me how little is known about the way recruitment works. People are not always aware how to best position themselves and which paths to take in order to find their dream job. This has nothing to do with seniority and experience, it’s across the board. Even certain C-levels just don’t know how to approach a job search and are happy with some honest feedback and advise.

Our principle since 10 years is: try to help at least one person per week. It does not cost us too much time but it makes a world of difference for the ’VIP’. Today we help several VIP’s per week, and it is no longer just me doing this, the entire team talks to VIP’s that approach us. And when my calendar is blocked for a VIP candidate everyone in the team knows what that call or meeting is about.

And as final note: a VIP can be anyone!, We have been advising starters with virtually no work experience as well as C-level. For us every individual is a VIP :-).

You may ask: what do you gain from this? Well isn’t that obvious! I get an enormous (job) satisfaction from a simple ‘thank you’ and/or knowing that through my expertise and experience I’ve been able to make a difference for another human being. Besides that I’m being totally honest by saying that it helps me expand my network, which is part of my core business. The VIP Project did not start for that reason, but it’s a nice extra.

What have you done lately to help others or are you planning to do so? Or have you ever been in touch with us as VIP?

Always happy to receive your feedback! Do react through LinkedIn or contact us to start the conversation!

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