There are plenty of tips and best practices that teach you how to behave during a job interview. But have you ever considered the things you should avoid doing?

Well, we have, so we compiled a list of 5 dealbreakers for job interviews

1. Don’t leave your interviewer waiting

Of course, arriving late at a job interview should be avoided in any possible way. Nevertheless, something can happen that is out of your control and may cause you to be a couple of minutes late. Try to prevent this by using enough buffer. 
And if you’re really still out of luck and running late despite leaving 20 minutes early, don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world. Just contact the interviewer and tell him/her that you may have trouble getting there on time, and why. They will understand and just finish something else on their ‘to do’ list before interviewing you. The key to take away here is not that being late is ok, but that your interviewer should be made aware of the situation. Keeping them informed is a sign of respect and shows responsibility, it may even make you look good.
2. Don’t be too early

Arriving a little early is ok, and certainly better than arriving late! Nevertheless, if you miscalculate and arrive an hour early at your location, don’t go in yet. You certainly do not want to seem desperate. Furthermore, your interviewer might still be in a meeting, or be preparing questions for you. Instead, find a nice coffeehouse or take a relaxing walk for some pre-interview stress relief.
3. Don’t smell

Although this one might seem obvious, many candidates are unaware that certain smells can be very intense and come across as unprofessional. Smelling like cigarettes, alcohol or fried food are all no-go’s. Just try to be aware of what you’re eating and drinking before your interview, and where you are consuming your food. And leave that cigarette or beer for after the interview.
4. Don’t speak badly about your previous employer

Even if your previous job was a terrible experience for you, and even if you have very good reasons to speak badly about it, don’t. Remember why you are here: to move forward and start a better chapter in your story. You want to show your positivity to your potential new employer, because this will give them a far better feeling about you.
5. Don’t leave your phone on

Another obvious one, but unlike in an airplane, no one will remind you to turn off your phone. Prevent any unwanted interruptions and remember to turn off it off well in advance of arriving at your interview.

And finally, if you are still not certain about do’s and don’ts, contact us!

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