Having a technological edge in HR today is necessary to be able to keep up with the large pool of candidates. Being able to find the right person for the job not only depends on the experts in HR to be great at understanding the needs of the hiring employer but also on that expert having the right assistance in terms of software.

1: The most common mistake when recruiting

Too often HR departments, make the mistake of stretching the process out for months at a time and, in the process, lose revenue, create a negative experience for the candidate and even lose the opportunity to recruit the right candidate. This is what SaaS avoids and ensures you the opposite result by keeping track of all the candidates, in the most effective way possible.

2: The importance of technology for M18

With our in-house made SaaS we, at M18, are able to start a search with a large number of potential candidates, and progressively, screen each one of them in detail, resulting in a hand full of star candidates, the short list. Storing and finding our applicant’s data and communicating with them is done seamlessly. Also, because it is an all-in-one product, our recruitment consultants do not need to spend loads of time on becoming familiar with multiple types of software.

3: Keeping M18 candidates in the loop

It is important that candidates know where they’re at in their application process, even when they have not been short listed. This is one of the best practices of a good HR service. In our experience, although a particular candidate did not get retained for a particular position, there might be another one for them right around the corner. This methodology feeds into reputation and ensuring strong relationships long term. To allow for a positive candidate experience, the engagement needs to be ongoing from beginning to end. At M18 we do this despite the large number of day-to-day responsibilities everyone has here.

4: Organization of information for decision making

When trying to find the right person for the right job, accuracy is key. To do that, organization of data is indispensable. The right SaaS tracks the professional qualities with precision. This kind of precision cuts out any kind of bias in the decision making and creates an even playing field for everyone. We track relevant metrics and compare them across all candidates to have an in-depth understanding of the right candidate profile. Those metrics are the professional qualities that have been deemed as essential by the experts here at M18 and the employer. The end result is a holistic view on the information needed to hit that bullseye candidate.

5: How the right SaaS, complements teamwork through communication

During the different stages, new information is always added to the database. This is done during the searching phase as well as the interview phase. The right SaaS adds in the element of time to the framework, it allows would allow you to see if the candidate improves or worsens as a prospect within the pool of talent. Like in every department, communication is key. With our SaaS software, the information is accessible to all that are using the software as soon as the data is entered.

6: The M18 personal touch

As good as technology is, if it is not backed by the right team in an optimal way, then there is a lot that will be missed out on. The personal touch being the contact with the clients and candidates, has to be regular and done in such a way that is aligned with your values.

M18 is on the right track when it comes to staying on top of the trends in terms of the evolving HR technology, especially given the constant upgrades our software is given by our software developers. This along with the M18 human touch and experience is what makes us who we are!

By Adam Hujair

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