The most essential part of the recruitment process!!!

We all know that finding the right person who meets all your expectations is quite a challenge. Once you find that “perle rare” (“rare pearl,” as they say in French) you promise yourself that you will never let him/her go.

However, even though you are yourself convinced of the match, your candidate still needs to be convinced as well. Here are some examples of why that can be a challenge:

  • As a recruiting manager, you are also entitled to have a bad day from time to time. If you happen to meet your perfect match just on that day, it may have doubts about you.
  • Perhaps you are convinced, but he/she would like more responsibilities than you can offer.
  • The candidate has several applications pending, yours is just one of them. In today’s recruitment market, this is often the case.

So, what can you do:

  • Keep the ball rolling. Try to schedule only necessary calls and schedule them on the same day. If that is not possible, aim for the shortest possible time between calls. Be prepared to make video calls.
  • Make sure your candidate meets his/her future colleagues as soon as possible. Your current team members can be your evangelists.
  • Be open and transparent about what the candidate can expect at your company. Being open will give your candidate the confidence to believe you when you say he/she is a good fit.
  • Be flexible in modifying the job description to better meet your candidate’s expectations. Roles within a company are constantly changing anyway, so why not make the effort to create the ideal position for your candidate?
  • Surprise him/her by making a concrete proposal right away, preferably a contract already signed.
  • Give your candidate a short deadline for making a decision. Allow up to a week.

If none of these tips help, it may mean that you were not meant for each other, or that the timing was not right. Fortunately, then, there are always “more fish in the sea,” or “not a handful but a land full”!

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