In our last article, we discussed the impact of applying storytelling principles to your business, and how they can help improve it. This blog will focus on the unexpected tools of storytelling that we can apply to the recruitment process for guaranteed success. These tools can help revamp this process in a creative and unconventional way. Here are the 3 tips that storytelling experts swear by:

1) Embrace conflict

Conflict doesn’t necessarily mean “having an argument.” It’s the word used to explain a character’s internal or external struggles. An opposing force that urges the protagonist to act and (literally or figuratively) fight. It’s the narrative thread that keeps a story going. You can’t have a story without conflict. The same applies to the recruitment process. When cold calling or contacting potential clients, you will inevitably encounter a bunch of no-sayers. And this constant rejection can cause a major drop in motivation. Though it’s important to realize that these “conflicts” are a great way to learn and grow. Imagine if every project was a piece of cake, one would quickly get bored … right? Develop new tools, try out a different strategy, use different problem-solving technique. And if all else fails, take a step back, go for a walk, breathe and focus on something else. The greater the effort, the sweeter the victory!

2) 4Ps: People Place Purpose and Plot

We all know the 4 famous P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Well, storytelling has its own version of this key mix.

People: Who are you talking to? What is their story? Listen to them first and you will instantaneously recognize if and how you can help them.

Place: Take your audience (uhum…client or candidate) to a place they’ve never been before. Can you provide an authentic insight to how you work? After all, we love transparency in story and in business.

Purpose: What’s your mission and goal? Show (see previous blog) where a potential client or candidate could be five to ten years from now and how you can help them achieve this. And most importantly, why can’t they achieve these goals without you?

Plot: Whether you are recruiting or engaging in sales, each story you tell needs to have a beginning, middle and an end. You don’t want to start your phone call off with a conclusion, just like you don’t want to start a movie by watching its ending. Outline a plot structure that will engage anyone you speak to.

People are about connection, places demonstrate authenticity, purpose leaves us with meaning, and plot keeps us engaged.

3) Believe in your own story

If you trust yourself and believe your story, people will quickly follow suit. We tend to engage with those who are authentically themselves and have a meaning behind what they do. We have different reasons of wanting to be in recruitment. It can range from wanting to help others to enjoying the creative process of connecting candidates to the right company. Whatever your reason is, write it down and never lose sight of it. People will respect you for it.

Storytelling is a skill like any other, which you can improve overtime. Good recruiters know how important these elements are when approaching potential candidates or clients. And we all love stories, so learning how to use them can positively improve how you approach the recruitment process.

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