This lockdown focused heavily on specific groups, the high-risk groups. Numerous tips and rules have been established to make this period as good as possible for them. What to watch for, how best to behave and how to get through this period.

In the beginning of being 100% home alone, I attended a number of Webinars on “working efficiently at home.” Besides useful tips like creating routine and maintaining an orderly workplace, I kept something else from these virtual classes, a lack.

I certainly don’t want to point fingers, the tips were valuable and helpful. However, they were strongly focused on a specific large audience, families. The people who suddenly start working from home and while they also have to provide their toddlers and adolescents with education and attention. Understandably, I don’t see myself doing it, and I have enormous respect for those who currently switch between the role of parent and employee or employer five to six times a day.

I missed tips for a different audience, mine. The people who live alone.

Therefore, from my own experience, I have listed some tips for you that have helped me not to go crazy (or even crazier):

  • In normal times, I greatly enjoy the brief coffee chats between work. Those fall away now since I am sitting at home so my cat has become my primary interlocutor. To counteract these one-sided conversations, you can schedule weekly moments as a team to catch up with colleagues, ask how they are doing and have a quick chat about things not related to work. Do the same with friends and family, just give them a call instead of sending messages back and forth.
  • I regularly “stalk” my colleagues. Instead of sending emails all the time, I pick up the phone or call them via video. In mail traffic, you limit yourself to a defined message. I find that sometimes I come to better ideas by engaging in conversation with a colleague. Furthermore, video or telephone also allows you to better gauge how someone else views your message and misinterpretations can be avoided.
  • Do your own thing. Don’t feel obligated to suddenly be hyper productive in your free time. My social media is currently teeming with influencers who are working out and dieting. Don’t let yourself get crazy and continue at your own pace. For me, that means exercising during my lunch break and treating myself to a large pizza once (and yes sometimes twice) a week. Balance is key 😉.
  • An off-day now and then is totally okay! A great many social and fun distractions are falling away because of the current rules. I’ve had days where I didn’t feel like anything, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Know that this is normal and you are probably binging Netflix in sync with many others, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Be sure to also let us know how you experienced and survived this period. What has kept you “sane”?

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