Looking for the perfect match is never easy. One might have a list of requirements bigger than the great wall and have unrealistic expectations, while another has none. Some people take great pride and effort in creating the perfect profile, and it shows! As a firm we try not to focus solely on the CV, because this little summary will never be able reflect all the hard and soft skills, let alone a personality. However, sometimes people make certain choices that impact their chance of finding their one true match. Because let’s be honest, a bad first impression is hard to shake off!  

Here is what to do and more specifically what not to do when presenting your profile:  

  • Let’s start with catfishing, “to lure someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona”. Something you’d probably think only happens in online dating, but if you look broader, you’ll see that in recruitment there is a similar phenomenon. People boasting about-or inflating their previous experiences or flat-out lying about their diploma’s and language skills. Be honest because at the end of the day people will find out. 
  • Next: pictures. Personally, I like it when I receive CVs with a picture…if the picture is suitable. The same goes for online dating, the right pictures add value to your profile. Please do make sure you still look like the pictures you choose though, use a recent one. Select a picture that shows a bit of your personality, but that is still neutral. Make sure to look at the camera. No need to put a group picture on top of your CV or dating profile. We are mostly looking to meet you and not for your friends or family.  
  • Giving the right content and the right amount of information is a more tricky one. You’ll want to give a summary, while trying to find the ideal balance between main and side topics is key. Highlight things that will attract your target audience and take out unnecessary details. Your future partner does not need to know that you won a local swimming competition that one time when you were 15. However, they might be interested to see that you succesfully started your own company last year. Try to find a way to stand out!  
  • Last but not least, if you are looking for the next person or challenge in your life, please make sure that they are able to reach you. It’s a pitty to find a great profile and not be able to get in touch with that person. Don’t play (too) hard to get!   

Now do remember, relationships are a two way stream! So, hiring managers and professional swipers, are you looking at a profile and not sure about the match? Give them a chance! Contact them, you never know, they might be prince charming in disguise!  

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